Friday, December 14, 2012


Hello fellow readers! You have probably known me as the author of crunchy cheese me at, however now I'm getting myself use to be a food blogger as well as fashion, since my passion in food is unbeatable, no one can beat it, I guess. So after a quite long moment of thinking in creating a new blog which is gonna be posted all in food matters due to my personal hunger quote, "Life is good when you bump into good food", here is one of my craziest thought ever about food, the food porns! Hey, watch out! ;) Perhaps the reason I'm creating this kind of blog is not because I want to balance my left and right brain, by not only give an attention to arts, but also in no-arts. But I guess I want to balance the parts of my body, my brain and tummy. So it's not only my tummy that works when I'm eating, but also my brain in order to write a post in this blog about what I have done with my tummy moments ago  (read: what I'm eating) lol.

So hopefully you guys can enjoy this blog as you enjoy your meal in a high appetite of hunger. Moreover, I hope that this foodporns can be your food maps, food dictionaries, and also extremely great food recommendation. And so now on, I'm officialy launching this Foodporns! blog. See you as soon as possible on my newest post, readers! Cheers, foodporns! xx

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