Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Best Parts.

Hello! Hallo! 你好! 안녕하세요!

It's going to Christmas already! And just like a Papa Santa, I'm going to give you another best parts of life, good foods and also the recommendation! Still around Bandung, this restaurant is one of my best favorite place to gain weights and well, it's probably gonna be one of yours as well. It is The Fabrik Eatery and Bar! Believe me when I say that it is a very cozy place to hang out with friends, family, your date, your work partners. It serves you very comfortable seats and foods and beverages for sure.
 Here are some best parts of mine, my fav!

Fish Ahoy and Chips (IDR 39.5K)
Believe me this is a very worth food to try! I love the taste of the super sour mayo! Somehow the mayo tastes best, especially when you dip your fish chips or the potato wedges into it. Moreover, the portion of this menu is quite big enough for someone who can't let his/her tummy down :)
 This one is.... I'm kinda forget the name because actually it was my friend who ordered this heaven in food. I used to unlike restaurant's fried rice, wherever the restaurant is, whatever the restaurant is, I used to loathe fried rice a la chef. However, I fall in love with this food! The price is also affordable to be tried! :)
 Red Velvet
Since I am a big fan of red velvet, I really love to try red velvet cake in any kind of restaurant or bar. And this one is my favorite, the best taste of red velvet so far that I've ever tried! The cake, the cheese cream, the nuts, everything goes well together. Really love it! <3<3<3
Hot Melt Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream
And this chocolate melt is also my second favorite after the red velvet. The melting chocolate is just too perfect combined with the ice cream and the sour and sweet taste of the strawberry. Super love! <3<3

Well I can conclude that The Fabrik Eatery and Bar serves the best dessert so far in Bandung. With the cozy place, full of nice simple interior plus the shopping center (Widely Project) exactly next to the bar makes this place sooo into me. It might be as your taste as well, so why don't you try it? :) 

P.s.: Anyway, have you prepared for Christmas and New Year's Eve? Let's share it on my next post!

Eva Silviana.

The Fabrik Eatery and Bar
Riau No. 107, Bandung,West Java - Indonesia
Phone: (022) 7107107

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