Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Choholate Experience!

This is my very first time tasting Amargo Patissier & Chocolatier, one of a local new chocolate business in Bandung which has just been established in 2012. So, it is really fresh from the oven! I often pass this Patissier & Chocolatier store before actually, but it was truly my very first to be there, since my appetite to chocolate was unbeatable.

I really did appreciate to the pretty classic place that had been served for the customer by the store. Seems like an old place when you see from outside, but when you walk into the room, you would see how this gorgeous store bewitched your mind from the very first step. One thing that crossed in my mind at that moment was, "What a cute place!". Moreover, feels like the atmosphere of Christmas in that store also bewitched me. So many cookies and crackers are sold there, they pack them in a good ribbony box, just like Christmas.

Rainbow Cake (IDR 22.5k)
Not the best rainbow cake that I have ever tasted so far, but it also not a bad time to try. Still worth to try, I guess.

Chocolate Evil-Devil Cake (IDR 20k)
See the good food here? Yeah! As this store is an chocolate expert, this chocolate evil-devil cake is highly recommended for you guys. The chocolate texture is not gonna make you bellyful. This is one of my favorite in this store so far.
Red Bloody Velvet (IDR 22.5k)
My appetite to red velvet cake is just too much. And this time, I was satisfied enough to have this one, though it was not the best red velvet cake that I have ever tried so far as well as the rainbow cake above. However, I still love the texture of the cheese cream in my red bloody velvet cake.

Chocolate Chips Cookies (IDR 27.5k) and Red Velvet Cookies (IDR 25k)
It fits you on Chirstmas day! They also sell the ones which get packed into beautiful boxes anyway.

I was a night with a full of chocolate and fats! Is it good to be true?
Happy trying! :)

Eva Silviana.

Amargo Patissier & Chocolatier
96 Street Cihampelas, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia
Phone: + 62-22-2036694

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